Over the past three months Moto asked me to try out the new Moto Z and all of its Moto Mods - some of you may have seen updates on my social media feeds. Now that I have given it a fair trial, I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

This time of year is subject to a whole host of Christmas markets across the country. We try our best to get out to at least one market every year, they are great places to takes the kids and they really get the Christmas spirit flowing. But which market is the best? Instead of me telling you guys about the best Christmas markets in Canada, I thought it would be great to get your thoughts on the best markets out there.

With the holiday season well under way, I am sure many of you are still trying to get inspiration for gift ideas, I know I am! It is very easy to look to various websites and stores when shopping for gifts, but I do try to get some gifts that are unique and come from a Canadian based business. So in my search for something different for those people I like to try and surprise at Christmas time, I found a few things that I wanted to share (and one thing that I am quite familiar with!!).

The cool fall breeze filters its way down King Street West in Dundas, Ontario, but Detour Cafe withstands the chill and also the volumes of people hustling to get inside for a welcomed relief from the weather and a locally brewed coffee. The ivy clings to the heritage building in which the cafe dwellers hold on to their warm beverages. When inside the cold air is defeated by the warm scent of coffee brewing and pastries baking, it's a welcome reprieve!

As November draws to a close and December is upon us, Christmas and the holidays is on our minds and in our thoughts. I love the winter season, the cozy knits, the warm drinks and the laughter that fills our house from familiar faces. It’s a time to reflect on our year, reminisce about the memories we’ve shared and enjoy good food and drink with friends. But it is also about something much more...

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