This time of year comes with all the traditional cliches. Spring cleaning, April showers... , new beginnings, the rebirth of nature, and to be honest, I love them all. This time of year is so revitalising and full of hope that I often feel the need to get the house organized and ready for the warmer climate.

Beginning a task is easy, finishing it can be more difficult. This is a day old issue and one that is getting more and more common. Children’s levels of concentration are becoming shorter and shorter and with more and more distractions, kids often move from activity to activity without completing the first one. 

Walking is underrated. 

We rely heavily on our cars in the suburbs and unfortunately that is just how it is. Without some serious investment into local transit we are stuck behind our wheels and stuck in traffic. Therefore, it is even more important to dedicate time to walking when we don’t have to be anywhere.

Our economy is heavily reliant on consumption. Us, the consumer, needs to continue purchasing in order for the system to be successful. This is why advertising is omnipresent in our society. The more we buy, the more it helps the economy grow.

Those of us that live in the GTA and other locations in Canada know how crazy the real estate market has become. Houses are being sold for $100,000 over asking on regular occasions, and the demand is largely outweighing the supply. This is obviously making it very difficult for millennials and other first-time buyers to get on the property ladder. It’s difficult for young house buyers to see a time in the future when owning their own home will be possible.

One of the signs that the warmer weather is on the way is seeing the summer based businesses reopening. Springridge Farm is doing just that tomorrow. The Milton, ON based family farm is opening its doors again for another busy year and this year is crammed full of exciting activities for all the family.

Time rules our lives; it rules our working day, our children’s schedules and affects our understanding of life. Everywhere we look we are met with a clock looking back at us, it’s a fascinating and abstract concept that we all adhere to. The various time zones across the world affect our travel and ability to do business internationally, but there is one place where time begins.

There's something about a piece of art or an image that can strike you immediately. The subjective reaction to an ethereal landscape or refined product shot can offer an emotional feeling within an instant. I often get this feeling. However, for me it is not always the way in which a photo is shot or the clever use of lighting, it can be simply the way in which an image is displayed that makes my heart flutter.

Love is a widely used word in our societies. It's a word used for many different situations and various scenarios. It can easily be misinterpreted and misread, it can be used inappropriately and be overused. The word has endless possibilites and yet we find it so hard to define. Regardless of opinion or the dictionary definition, there is one type of love that I feel cannot be questioned.

At this time of the year we are continually reminded about love. Valentine's is an annual reminder that it's important to display and share in your love for your partner, your children, your family and friends. Of course February 14th is not the only day that love needs to be shown, and searching for love is an individual's choice not something that is controlled by the 45th day of the year. But whatever we believe, love is all around us in February.

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