We're Back!

It has always been my ethos to change the perspective of sustainable living. I have a passion for simple living where we are not looking to escape from the everyday, but rather embrace our dreams and return to a life well lived. This past year for our family has been just that - we forged a new chapter in our lives, and are forever humbled by the experiences we have had.

Sarah Delivered has always represented a unique collection of products I've encountered throughout my life's journeys and these collections are no different. 'Muse' and 'Essence', the fall/winter and spring/summer editions of Sarah Delivered bring together beloved items that include local companies, hidden gems, my first natural product line that I have developed in collaboration with LOVEFRESH as well as my very own Belgian linen accessories. These two boxes are the most personal Sarah Delivered boxes I have curated to date.

I hope these boxes encourage you to consider your life thoughtfully, artistically and as an inspiration to your well-being.


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