While our lives have been quite busy these days, I was grateful to be able to take some time away from island life and immerse myself into the hustle and bustle of one of my all-time favourite cities.

My time in New York City was driven by an important mission—to draw inspiration for Caerula Mar.

There is nothing quite as magical as New York City this time of year. The lights, the people, the atmosphere—for a moment, it almost made me miss city-living (almost).

From sourcing products at one of the largest hospitality trade shows, to visiting well renowned designer showrooms, my team and I were endlessly impressed by all of the empowering individuals and companies we encountered.

Inspiration was everywhere.

Following our time at the trade show we discovered a linen company called Libeco. Upon entering their showroom a beautifully woven napkin immediately caught my eye, so delicately crafted yet durable. Their pieces of linen radiated grounded luxury; a sense of organic living that is so often lost these days. I felt an immediate connection with Libeco, as the beautiful pieces they produce and the overall vision of the company are a direct reflection of the aesthetic and quality we are striving for at Caerula Mar. I could already picture how beautiful the napkins would look folded upon the dishware.

Unplanned, we spent hours talking to Libeco’s Sales Director and were captivated by the story of the Libeert family and the history of how their linen company came to be.

The story of Libeco started in 1858 in Flanders, Belgium where the local flax farmers were forced to abandon their outside work and retreat indoors to weave the flax during the cold and unrelenting winter. All linen was then shipped by horse and cart to Kortrijk, Belgium, at which point Libeert & Compagnie would sell to traders worldwide. With the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, they were able to build their own weaving mill, enabling them to produce linens more efficiently and at a greater volume.

More than 150 years later, Libeco still operates at this same site and continues to be family owned and operated, as the 5thgeneration of the Libeert family make progressions towards a more sustainable future for the company and flax industry as a whole. Their entire collection is woven in Belgium and solely consists of European flax fibers, making them one of six weavers in the world that are permitted to use the label ‘Belgium Linen’.

Thank you again, to Libeco and the Libeerts, for taking the time to produce incomparable linens and educating my team and I on the wonderful history of the family and the intricate processes involved. We are forever grateful for this experience and look forward to sharing this beautiful product with the guests of Caerula Mar.