As I mentioned in last week’s Dad Approved blog, dressing for work in the summer can be difficult. This is definitely the case for men, but even women can struggle in this humid weather. Therefore, I searched through my wardrobe and put together a couple of formal outfits, and a more casual one for the office.

The Business Meeting

The outfit above is ideal for a business meeting. The combination of black and white creates a formal yet stylish scheme for all occasions. The blazer is from Club Monaco and blends formal wear with a hint of chic by simply having the tie detail on the sleeves. Not only does this add a little intrigue but this blazer transitions well from a busy day at the office to a dinner after work with friends. The white tank is a classic piece from Carven and again has a simple but effective design that creates visual interest. Opening Ceremony is the designer of the shorts, and they perfectly compliment the crisp white blazer and shirt. The heels are by Michael Kors and bring with them a simple and sophisticated look that combines business with style.

The Pitch

The outfit above perfectly molds formality and classic style, forcing your colleagues to take you seriously while admiring your sophistication. This is also one of my favourite outfits for its comfort and versatility. The white blouse is from the wonderful Alice & Olivia and again offers a sense of style and elegance that only a white lace top can do. This top is an investment piece but can be used in both the summer and winter months. The lace top combined with the bright blue culottes makes this a striking outfit, which is exactly what you want when delivering a pitch at your next office meeting. The culottes are from Kit and Alice and are one of my favourite things to wear during the summer months. The navy heels are from LAMB, the watch by Marc Jacobs and the silver clutch by Ela; they all work together to make you stand out from the crowd while being very comfortable during these hot summer days.

The Casual Office Number

This outfit is a little more informal and is fitting for a more active day at the office. The combination of the soft colours and the loose fit of the clothes, enables you to move freely and will keep you nice and cool. The light blue blouse is from Imperial and the white pants are a Michael Kors staple. The combination of the two gives a sense of serenity and comfort. Pair it with some simple gold or silver accessories and your favourite heels or flats. This outfit comes together nicely, and offers a summery alternative to those who have a less formal dress code and those who are up and down from their desk on a continuos basis.

Whatever you wear this summer, stay cool and and have fun with your fashion!

Photos by Jarrett Ford Photography