One of the signs that the warmer weather is on the way is seeing the summer based businesses reopening. Springridge Farm is doing just that tomorrow. The Milton, ON based family farm is opening its doors again for another busy year and this year is crammed full of exciting activities for all the family.

When we took a visit the weather was the perfect example of the April showers bring May flowers proverb, but we are set for a much warmer weekend. Eventhough the weather was dreary, the farm was buzzing with activity; staff getting the store ready, the farm hands preparing the animals’ homes and bakers busy kneading dough ready for their famous pies. The farm, although drenched by the heavy rain is readying itself for the thousands of visitors it gets every year.

This year is a special year for Springridge Farm, as it is for all Canadians, as its our country’s 150th birthday. In order to celebrate the only way Springridge knows how, they have created a special jam to commemorate a century-and-a-half of Canada as we know it. The conserve offers different berries from coast to coast, strawberries from Springridge Farm, raspberries from the West Coast and East Coast blueberries, with a splash of celebratory Canadian sparkling wine. The ingredients certainly make for a delicious jam!

The year also sees special festivities at Easter, Father’s Day, in the fall and at Christmas, as well as the everyday activities. Their famous wagon rides are always a hit with my bunch, as are the slides and giant sandbox. It’s the ideal day out for a family and at $6 per person, you can’t go wrong. This year, I am thinking of purchasing a year pass as the cost per person is $25 each and $80 for four people. It might be worth the price as we find ourselves going to Springridge on more than one occasion each year.


So here’s to the start of spring and a beautiful summer, and thank you Springridge for offering such a perfect place to educate children about farming, to have fun, and to eat some delectable foods.