It’s been awhile since I have posted an article on here, my focus has been on filming another season of Bryan Inc. and getting this new website up and running. So for the first time in a long time I have had the chance to sit down and write a piece for the website.

This period has offered up a variety of challenges and changes. The new website, the launch of my interior design service, Refined Living, the release of the first issue of my new lifestyle magazine, CURATED, a new filming schedule and much much more!

The biggest change has been a personal one and a bit unexpected. For the first time in my life I am starting to become fearful of the future. The other day Bryan and I were talking about what the future holds for our children and I actually said the words, “I don’t know if I want our kids to have children.” This saddened me exponentially; I feel that being a mother has been my greatest experience and more emotionally fulfilling than I ever would have imagined.   I would love for my children to have that same experience, but for the first time in my life I began to question the future.  Is the future too precarious?

The world has become a complicated place. Our safety is more and more in jeopardy, the countless number of natural disasters ripping through the world, the increasing amount of endangered species, the political instability that is felt all too close to home, and that’s just to name a few. The future doesn’t look bright in many ways. These changes are becoming more common due to our impact on the world, and yet we are still consuming frivolously.

Watching my children grow up is a privilege and one that I will always cherish, but my instinct is to protect them from the future when I should be excited about it. It came to me on that night, when Bryan and I discussed the world and what the future may hold, that I need to be the change. I am aware that I am not doing everything I can to help change the future for my children and theirs.  I have a responsibility to my future grandchildren; remaining 

silent, or turning a blind eye, is not an option.

I have always supported local companies and brands, I have tried to buy local organic produce & products, I try to treat people equally, I have always valued quality over quantity, but I can do more. This new beginning for the Sarah Baeumler brand has been the perfect opportunity to do just that. I sat down with my team just the other day and revisited the reason why we all work so hard, what we are trying to achieve and why we come to work everyday. Almost unconsciously we have been drawn to products and brands that were made well, made locally and made with an ethical consciousness, we just hadn’t made it explicit.

Sustainability needs to be the centre of everything we do. I want to research, discover and share the small steps we can all take to reduce the amount of unconscious consumption we do. And I want to do this without forgetting that we can live a more sustainable life but still embrace the ethereal beauty that I have come to love in both art and design. I want to offer all of this without jeopardising the world’s future any further.   

Not only has this given my brand a refreshed direction, but it has enabled me to look at the future with a renewed hope. I am now ready to make the small changes that will hopefully have a big effect on the world.  I’m ready to one day welcome a grandchild into this marvelous world full of opportunity…I hope you will join me.