Wait a second… didn’t I just write a blog about saying goodbye to the school year? Here we are, nearing the end of summer. How quickly time flies!

While we have a couple of weeks left to enjoy the glory of summer, I have had to pull in the reins ever-so-slightly to begin prepping for the imminent school year. It’s time to start signing up for after school activities, figuring out who will be driving which kid to where and when, fitting school uniforms, buying new shoes, pulling together school supplies… Any parent out there knows the drill!

While this is something we’ve done year after year, there is something unique about this year that truly is bittersweet; our youngest, Josephine, is off to school! Every year, since Quintyn started school, we have always had more babies at home. This is the first year that all four of our children will be in school full-time.

I’ve been aware that this day would come, but the feeling really hit home late last week when Jojo tried on her school uniform. My heart melted to the floor when I saw her in Charlotte’s little hand-me-down tunic, cardigan and socks. My baby girl looked so grown up.

99 per cent of me wishes that I could pause time and keep my kids young forever. But as I sit here at the park, writing this blog, I am watching Josephine run around with her newly adopted best friends, climb up the tallest rope wall, roll down the grass hill at turbo speed and chase those pesky geese. She is an absolute fire cracker and she is definitely ready for all this world has to offer her. It would be a crime to hold this little one back. The sensible 1 per cent of me looks at her and knows that she is ready to take on whatever the world has planned for her next.

I didn’t think I would feel like an “empty-nester”

for at least another 15 years but in all honesty the emotions are overwhelming. Over the years I have counted down the last few weeks of summer before the brood is back in school but deep down I have always wished the summer to be endless. The start of school is a pivotal moment for our children and for the first time in eight years, it is a pivotal moment in my life…my role is now changing and it is both heartbreaking and exhilarating.

Is anyone else going through this at the moment? Please share, I feel like I need to hear your stories too!