Lighting is one of the most overlooked features of a home yet it has a direct impact on the mood and feel of any space. My belief is that there is little point in creating beautiful surroundings if they can’t be appreciated properly due to insufficient lighting. Lighting is essential in creating the mood and ambience of a living space, so getting it right from the start is vital.

When thinking about lighting in any space, optimizing the use of natural light is key.  However, do not disregard the importance of artificial light as it is key in terms of its practicality, and allows you and your guests to fully appreciate the beauty of the space at all times of the day.  When creating a lighting plan from scratch, make sure ample consideration is given to both artificial and natural lighting.  If working with a pre-existing design then take time to review it carefully, and modify accordingly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, friends, electricians or, if your daring, even your children can share their thoughts and ideas on the design.

There are numerous types of artificial lighting that can be used to accentuate a room’s design.  Task lighting is often overlooked but is important in just about every room of a home. In sitting rooms, home offices and studies, it helps to avoid eyestrain when reading or working, while in the kitchen it ensures that tasks can be carried out effectively.  Adequate task lighting is also essential in the bathroom for the purposes of shaving or applying make-up.  Likewise, mood lighting is probably one of my favourite ways of creating the perfect ambience. By using different tones and shades of white light, it is possible to create the ideal atmosphere for any room. In many cases, the addition of soft, warm lighting to your space can help to induce a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Choosing the ideal lighting in any design scheme isn’t just about where lights are placed, or how strong or bright they are; but rather, it is also about the fixtures themselves. From stunning crystal chandeliers, to contemporary table and floor lamps, each lighting element has a direct impact on the overall design of the space. When chosen carefully, each fixture that fits perfectly with the style of your space, has the potential to give life and personality to your home.