For me, fashion is a great outlet for self-expression. I love that trends and styles are constantly changing as it allows me to experiment with different looks I wouldn’t normally try. So many events in our lives drive what we wear and how we wear it. Whether you’re at work, staying home with the kids, or attending an upscale dinner party, different settings more often than not, require different outfits.

Usually, I need to be quite transitional with what I wear in case I get pulled into an unexpected board meeting at work or have to run up to one of the construction sites with Bryan. Probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to dress accordingly and make sure you have something versatile on! My team and I often get questions from viewers regarding some of the items I wear on the show, so today I’m going to discuss a few of those pieces.

My black dress pants are a favourite of mine and an item I wear on the show consistently. They are comfortable and casual when I need them to be but can also look polished and chic by throwing on a blazer and pair of heels. Alexander Wang has some great options for dress pants and although they are a bit of an investment, these pants will last season after season. For jeans, my go to brand is Paige. They offer so many different styles, cuts and colours and fit me well. Jeans are something you really need to experiment with in order to find a brand that works for you, but I do find Paige offers a good variety for every body type.

Another item of clothing I am asked about frequently are my coats! For this time of year, I love to wear my Hanne Trench Coat by Club Monaco in “Khaki Stone”.

The colour is not too dark and the fabric is perfect for the weather during the fall. This piece is another easy one to wear with a pair of jeans and flats, but can also be thrown over a dress and heels.

The last item I will mention is a classic accessory piece. House of Harlow has some wonderful necklaces, bracelets and rings. My staple is their Temple Necklace. The black and silver triangle pendants pair beautifully with the gold chain. Simple and sophisticated, I love the classic look of this necklace and how well it goes with a variety of different looks.

So, bundle up and embrace the fall weather! The only thing that stands between you and the crisp morning air is a cashmere sweater and a knitted scarf.