This new series entitled Brands I Believe In, will give me the opportunity to share and discuss some of my favourite brands. More often than not these brands will be Canadian, sometimes they will be an ethical brand, but they will always be a brand that I use and love.

To start this series off, I reached out to Wildcraft Care, a gorgeous skin care brand, and asked them a few questions, which you can see the answers to below. They also offered my readers will get a free 2oz Makeup Remover with any online order! Simply add the 2 oz makeup remover to your cart along with any other items you’re planning to try and enter the code: SARAH&WILDCRAFT at checkout.

Tell us a little about Wildcraft and the people behind it?

Wildcraft is a Toronto based natural skin care company – we take an uncomplicated, thoughtful approach to creating affordable products that are beautifully designed and only contain 100% natural, mostly organic ingredients. It’s minimalist skin care done well!

There are three people behind the brand from three different walks of life. Jess is the artist of the group with an insatiable obsession for plants. Laura is our brand curator, responsible for making everything about the company look pretty. And Jake is the numbers guy (but he stills knows how to have a good time).

What products does Wildcraft make?

We’ve created a line of 10 products to support all your essential skin care needs – cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing. Our lineup includes our super popular makeup remover, a face and body scrub, 2 face creams, a face serum, a body cream, a body oil, 2 toners, and an all purpose salve.

What was your inspiration to create Wildcraft?

We were inspired to create Wildcraft out of a desire to bring the luxury of natural skin care to people’s everyday

beauty routine. Our minimalist approach allows us to keep our brand accessible, which makes it super easy for people to make the switch to all natural skin care.

What makes your brand special?

Keeping things simple, using truly natural, mostly organic ingredients, and small batch handmade aren’t unique on their own, but bringing them all together at affordable prices is what really makes Wildcraft special (all of our products are less than $30, except one).

Why is it important for you to produce natural products?

We believe that all natural products are simply the best possible way to care for your skin. People don’t often look at skin care as an integral part of their overall health and wellness routine, but we put these kinds of products on our body everyday! Compared to eating nutritiously, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and all that good stuff, choosing natural skin care takes almost no effort.

These products aren’t about making you look years younger or eliminating all signs of aging – they won’t and we wouldn’t want them to anyway. What these product will do is make your skin look and feel healthy. Once you make the switch it’s difficult to imagine using anything else.

How important is it for your products to be made and sourced locally?

We’re all about sourcing from close to home whenever possible. Ingredients don’t have to be exotic or rare to be effective. We pride ourselves in using local Ontario content in almost every product, such as organic honey, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, and beeswax. Sourcing locally also helps keep our costs down so that we can offer high quality, natural skin care at fair prices.

Finally, where can our readers find your products?

You can find our products at over 40 leading beauty boutiques, general stores, health food shops, juiceries, and yoga studio’s across Canada. You can also purchase everything at – shipping is free on all orders over $30.00 (in Canada) or $60 (in the US) 🙂

I’d like to thank Laura and her team for sharing their story and prodcuing such amazing products at such a reasonable price.

Remember you can get a free 2oz Wildcraft Make Up Remover when you make a purchase at, by adding the 2 oz makeup remover to your cart along with any other items you’re planning to try and entering the code: SARAH&WILDCRAFT at checkout. I can’t recommend it highly enough!