As you know I enjoy celebrating local companies that are mindful of the materials and ingredients they use and that are conscious of the impact they have on the world. Recently, I discovered this amazing brand in Oakville, ON that does just that. Maison Apothecare have a range of products that use well-sourced, safe and high quality ingredients. So I contacted them and spoke to the founder, Natacha Rey, who was kind enough to answer some questions. Here they are:

1. Tell us a little about Maison Apothecare and the people behind it?

Maison Apothecare was started in 2012. We are a growing maker of exquisite all natural products using 100% pure plant derived essential oils. We are a small team but we all share the same passion and vision to create unique formulas that benefit every member of your family.

2. What was the inspiration behind creating Maison Apothecare?

Every product has a story to tell. They were created from a need of mine to heal, soothe, uplift, gift or empower someone I love and care about. Every product line we have at Maison Apothecare, from Sleepy Owl which is our baby line, to our Men’s Apothecare, tells a story and a time in my life. It is a story of love and care for the people in my life.

3. What products do you make and what is your newest product on the market?

All our soaps and spa salts are handmade in small batches by three amazing women at our facility in Oakville, ON. We have a number of lovely handmade soaps and my daughter Zoe was the last one to inspire our latest soap which is called Rainbow Unicorn. There isn’t anything complicated about the story other then she loves both those things so hence the name. When people ask us what it smells like we tell them rainbows and unicorns of course! Its colourful and different than anything I have seen and makes bath time that much more fun for Zoe which is also a good thing!

4. How does your brand differ to your competitors?

We are unique in that we connect with our customers to develop products, we respond to their needs and wishes. We also come from a health background, so we try to make products that are both therapeutic and enjoyable to use.

5. Why is it important to Maison Apothecare that you only use high-quality ingredients?

My love for natural formulating began when I was very young so it has always been in my mind to create products that were safe but also luxurious, exquisite, and healing. We use only high quality natural ingredients because we feel people want and deserve that choice.

6. What does it mean to you to be a Canadian brand?

It means everything. We are truly proud to be Canadian and also being able to make such a high quality product in Canada. Our packaging and product ingredients are all sourced and come from North America and Europe. We also keep the Earth in mind by sourcing recycled plastic and glass wherever possible. These are all important core values of who we are at Maison Apothecare. We know people are looking for those options for themselves and their families and my sincerest wish is that these products do what they intended to do. I hope that they bring other families the same degree of joy and wellness they have brought to mine.

7. Where can our readers find your products?

We have three retail locations. Our first store in Niagara-on-the-Lake which we opened in the summer of 2015, our Bloor West Village store that we opened in 2016 and our Premium Outlet Oakville Location which is also home to our head office. You can also find us on line at or our all natural cleaning line at We would love to have your readers look us up on line or better yet come and visit one of our stores. I’d also like to thank you and your team for featuring us in last month’s Sarah Delivered box. It was a great honour being selected and being part of another great Canadian success story.