For this month’s Brands I Believe In post, I wanted to share the story and inspiration behind LOVEFRESH. I featured this natural beauty brand based in Toronto in my September, Sarah Delivered box and it received much love and appreciation from my subscribers. Therefore, I reached out to LOVEFRESH to ask them a few questions about how their wonderful product line begun.

1. Tell us a little about LOVEFRESH and the people behind it?

LOVEFRESH started when stay-at-home mom Stacey Davis wondered why we put so much care into what goes onto our children’s skin, but turn a blind eye when it comes to our own! She decided to make a line of products that smelled good, felt good, and were good for you. Early on, Stacey began making cold processed soaps and selling them at the St. Lawrence Market on Saturday mornings. LOVEFRESH has since grown into a beauty line that is sold across the globe.

The team is built with like-minded women who not only love beauty products but also enjoy expanding the green beauty world one product at a time. We have backgrounds in all different areas, including photography, marketing, and design.

2. What products does LOVEFRESH make?

LOVEFRESH makes an assortment of healthy, fun, and effective products – washes, lotions, butters, scrubs, and an award-winning natural deodorant. We have recently also launched shampoos and conditioners (the Grapefruit Lime was featured in this month’s Sarah Delivered box) that are 100% natural and organic.

3. What was the inspiration behind creating LOVEFRESH?

LOVEFRESH was inspired by Stacey’s love for aromatherapy and the therapeutic benefits they have – she just needed a way to use them and make a business at the same time. Her two passions came together when she realized how many harsh chemicals women are putting on the most sensitive parts of their bodies. Product by product, the LOVEFRESH line began to grow. While natural is important, Stacey also knew that her customers wanted something that was playful, appealed to everyone and ultimately looked beautiful on a store shelf! We believe every woman is naturally beautiful – and her products should be too!

4. What makes your brand special?

LOVEFRESH is like a pink peony in a field of white daisies. While we’re still naturally beautiful, we’re not afraid to admit that we like a little fun and a dash of pink. Natural doesn’t have to mean boring, and it certainly shouldn’t mean compromise. We want you to get the product you love to use, love to smell, and love to look at. (I mean if your #BodyButter isn’t pretty enough to Instagram, it just is lacking that one final touch).

5. Why is it important for you to produce natural products? 

We love nature and we love health. Both of these very important aspects of us need to reflect on the products we deliver. We want to help women use healthy products on themselves and not endanger their bodies. Our natural deodorant is the perfect example of this.

6. How important is it for your products to be made and sourced locally?

Being locally made and sourcing our ingredients locally is extremely important to our company. We strive to always work with local women and those who share our commitment to being cruelty-free and sustainable. We also love the ability this gives us to be actively involved in every step of the process. All of our products are hand-made and we pride ourselves on that.

Using local products also means we know where they’re coming from, and the ways in which they’re harvested. With so many products still relying on ingredients such as palm oil, knowing where every ingredient comes from means we can maintain a commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible.

7. Where can our readers find your products?

All of the LOVEFRESH retailers can be found on – we’re sold in locations all across Canada, as well as in Finland, Australia, Bermuda, and Hong Kong!