Over the last two years I’ve spent the majority of my time in the Bahamas filming Island of Bryan, trading in my Canadian Winter clothes for beachwear. During this time I’ve grown to love certain fabrics and styles for the comfort, aesthetics and functionality they provide.

It’s no secret that linen is a staple in my wardrobe. Not only is it an elegant, breathable material, but it is generally more sustainable than cotton and other popular threads. Whether I’m working 12 hour days at the resort, or winding down beachside on the weekend – linen is the perfect lightweight garment for everyday wear. For a simple but luxurious look, I love pairing a white tank with relaxed linen shorts or a flowy skirt for ultimate comfort under the sun.

Although I gravitate toward neutral shades, I’m not shy to experiment with bold colours when it comes to beachwear. The easiest way to freshen up your look entering a new season is to find pieces that are vibrant, yet not overpowering. Touches of bright colours are sure to make you stand out against a beautiful beach backdrop. A unique pattern and/or colour against a neutral canvas will give you a super chic, effortless look.

Jumpsuits are another one of my island go-to’s! With so much variety in colour and style, I believe there’s a perfect jumpsuit out there for everyone. They’re comfortable enough for lounging, yet stylish enough to dress up with jewelry or heels. You can truly achieve maximum impact with minimal effort, perfect for those laid-back beach days.

And of course, we can’t forget a classic white denim pant. I just love the fresh, crisp look of white jeans in the summer against sun-kissed skin. Like many of the other jeans I own, white denim is super versatile. Pair with an off the shoulder top, breezy blouse or white-on-white – the possibilities are endless. With simple looks like this, I accessorize with delicate silver jewelry and pearls for a feminine touch.

In a world of fast-fashion, there’s nothing like owning a special fashion accessory that is durable, biodegradable and natural. For this reason, I created an exclusive, private label scarf manufactured in Belgium. These scarves went through multiple refining stages, resulting in this cool toned open weave oyster fabric. This versatile piece can be worn during the day to protect you from UV exposure, or on cooler summer nights to keep you warm. This is just one of many products available in my Sarah Delivered, Spring/Summer collection, ‘Essence’. If you’re interested in purchasing Essence for yourself or gifting a box for a friend, you can purchase one here while limited quantities are available.

So whether you spend your summer barefoot on a beach or simply enjoying a refreshing cocktail on your porch, I hope these looks speak the language of summer to you. Fashion is what you make of it, so don’t forget to experiment and add your own unique flair. Xx