When Bryan and I were designing our current home on House of Bryan 3, we were conscious of making a home for all the family. This will probably be the home that we live in through all of our children’s upbringing and beyond, so we wanted it to be a place where they could learn, develop and most of all, play.

So when it came to finalizing the drawings, it was important for us to include purpose built areas for the children to explore their playful sides. Modern builds can be very functional and focused on details that make living easier for all of the family, but sometimes this can make for houses that miss out on the nooks and crannies, the spaces where kids can hide and make their own little world.

Therefore, Bryan and I created little secret cubbyholes that our kids play in. JoJo absolutely adores playing with her dolls in this little space. This is her place, it doesn’t need to be cleaned on a regular basis, it doesn’t need to be tidied up, we can just close the door and no one would ever know.

With all of the technology available to children these days, unstructured play is something that is often forgotten. But this little space is perfect for exactly that, and our children use it all the time, and love every minute.