Walking is underrated.

We rely heavily on our cars in the suburbs and unfortunately that is just how it is. Without some serious investment into local transit we are stuck behind our wheels and stuck in traffic. Therefore, it is even more important to dedicate time to walking when we don’t have to be anywhere.

Over the Easter break my family got our walking boots on and took to the paths. I like to try and do this at some point during Easter as it is the perfect time to explore outside and get some all important fresh air. Not only is this a great excuse for some quality family time (see this post for more on that) but it is also good exercise for all.

A long and arduous walk on different terrains can really get the heart going and can help build stamina. We’ve all experienced carrying our children when on these walks, they often start off with good intentions, running about everywhere, and then burn out before the end of the walk. I’ve found though, over the years, that if you keep encouraging them they get better and better at keeping up with their siblings and lasting the duration.

As well as being a good form of exercise, I also have found

that this helps clear everyone’s head. Throughout the winter we often get stuck indoors for days on end and this can lead to a form of cabin fever. I feel like my kids argue more in the colder months, they get easily frustrated and have excess energy to burn. Therefore, a relaxed, long walk can remedy all of this while offering a sense of serenity.

Playing outside is great fun and my kids live for it, but a walk can offer something different. Walking is calming, soothing and contemplative. It exercises the body and mind and gives that all important time to reflect and consider. Somewhere in the busyness of life we have forgotten the simple and more instinctive acts, and one of these is walking.

So now that spring has sprung, I hope you can take a moment to enjoy this simple pleasure.