Love is a widely used word in our societies. It’s a word used for many different situations and various scenarios. It can easily be misinterpreted and misread, it can be used inappropriately and be overused. The word has endless possibilites and yet we find it so hard to define. Regardless of opinion or the dictionary definition, there is one type of love that I feel cannot be questioned.

The love for your offspring is something that is so real, you can almost touch it. Love is an unseen, unquanitfied substance, yet the way I love my children often seems tangible. The discussion of being a parent can often bring up sad and overwhelming feelings of emotion. I am aware that some of you may have lost a child or have had difficulty in conceiving, and I do not want to presume that my love for my children is in anyway everyone’s love. I hope you understand that this article comes from a place of sincerity and kindness, not generalisation.

Becoming a parent has been one of those life experiences that is truly life-changing. The sacrifices and adaptations that took place after giving birth are endless, and yet I would not change it for any of those. The other day I was looking at old photos and took a few minutes to really digest all that has been. Being a parent seems to speed life up somewhat. It feels like only a few seasons ago that Quintyn was born, and recently we celebrated his twelfth birthday. So when looking back on my time as a mummy, I find it helps to try to comprehend all the small events inbetween those more memorable ones.

The uprooting that being a parent can bring is difficult, yet the copious feelings of love for your children blurs the reality of the change in routine. The wholeness of a mother’s or father’s love is something so wonderful, I feel as if there should be another word for it. As said above, the variety of uses for the word can be misleading, and a love for your child is a whole other feeling. Therefore, I would like to take some time to tell my children how much I love them. I tell them all the time, but I am going to make it clear to them as often as I can, how much I love them, and although the future will hold many changes for all us, my love will not change.

I hope you all have a chance in the upcoming weeks to tell your child or children how much you love them. This cannot be said too much, and is what makes the human race so spectacular.