5 Ways I Stay Mindful

I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 was incredibly challenging. Through all of the challenges, I have realized the importance of staying mindful in a world full of unknowns and uncertainty.  Especially with the amount of time we are all spending at home, it is so easy to fill our days with distractions or fixate on what the past or present should look like. This is where mindfulness can be helpful and completely change your relationship with the present moment. It’s not always easy, but I wanted to share a few simple practices and products that have helped me stay mindful over the last year.


Movement is medicine. Even on my busiest film days, taking 10-20 minutes to practice yoga really helps me set the tone for the day and stay grounded. I love to move through a full-body flow or a restorative practice full of deep stretching, and I love these yoga props to help elevate and support me during my practice.


Quieting the mind for a few minutes each day doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. The beauty of meditation is that, even when time is limited, I can apply the meditative principles of focusing on my breath anywhere and anytime. An example of this is tuning into my surroundings when I am driving and becoming more aware of my breath and how I am feeling physically and mentally. When I’m at home I love using an essential oil diffuser to help set the mood for my practice, and for comfort, I love this meditation pillow.



Another way to practice mindfulness is to pick a mantra for the day. A mantra helps create a focus for the day and I highly recommend investing in a book or mantra cards that you can connect with every morning.

Eating Mindfully/Foods That Fuel

It’s true, health is wealth. With my time spent on the island, I have become more appreciative of the fuel my body gets from the warm sunshine and a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and veggies. When I’m on the island and have a break from filming, I enjoy eating my lunch by the ocean to focus on eating and take in the beauty around me. And no matter where I am, I love turning to my favourite cookbooks, including ‘Oh She Glows For Dinner’ some for inspiration!

Less Screen Time

Our phones are great resources, especially as they’ve helped us stay connected to our friends and family this past year. That said, many of us are completely dependent on our phones, relying on them to keep us ‘busy’ and responding to every notification. To start taking the power back, I’ve swapped out my phone beside me at night for an alarm clock.