About Sarah

Sarah has been entertaining viewers worldwide for over eight years on HGTV Canada & HGTV US. She first joined her husband, Bryan, on air in 2009 as they rebuilt and redesigned their family home on the hit television series, House of Bryan. Fans watched in record numbers and its overwhelming popularity lead to three subsequent seasons in following years.

Bryan Inc. saw the both of them join together again, this time in a new role for Sarah as project manager of Bryan’s successful construction company. The show explores their companionship and teamwork when building and remodeling homes for resale purposes. The premiere of Bryan Inc. was the #1 highest rated series premiere on HGTV Canada in five years and the filming for a  second season is already taking place.

Sarah has worn many hats throughout the process of building the Baeumler brand, but the focal point of her efforts recently has been to her eponymous brand. With the launch of Sarah Delivered in 2016, Sarah branched out and entered the subscription box world. With much success and a series of beautifully created boxes, she was ready to dive deeper. 2017 saw the launch of her new magazine, CURATED and her interior design service, refined living. With these different branches to her brand, Sarah is kept very busy but each one stimulates a unique part of Sarah’s personality. This allows her to put her heart and soul into all of them.

With a brain that is constantly questioning her next step, what project she should tackle first, and what adventures she can plan for her family, there is never a dull moment in the Baeumler household. Sarah chooses to pour her heart and soul into every endeavour but at the end of the day, she does it all for their four children, Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln and Josephine.


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