There's something about a piece of art or an image that can strike you immediately. The subjective reaction to an ethereal landscape or refined product shot can offer an emotional feeling within an instant. I often get this feeling. However, for me it is not always the way in which a photo is shot or the clever use of lighting, it can be simply the way in which an image is displayed that makes my heart flutter.

I have a deep affection for negative space. An image that is mounted in a way that offers negative space around it can be as artistic as the image itself. This love of negative space comes from my instinct for contrast. When I look at a new project or a beautiful magazine, I intrinsically seek out contrast. This may exist in terms of colour, but it also works for materials and furnishings. There is something human about contrast, often our favourite people are unlike us in many ways. Opposites compliment each other.

There is a sense of awe and comfort when I see negative space, there is an undefined refinement to it. Jarring juxtaposition can be such a useful tool when displaying meaning through art. Many movies use contrast in their editing to make us sit up and notice: advertisers make a habit of it. However, my attachment to it may come from my passion for white, clean spaces.

As you may have seen in my design of Highview in Bryan Inc., white features heavily, but I always add colour to this by using contrasting accessories. My white walls are therefore my negative space and the accessories are the images framed within them. Perhaps the negative space reflects calm to me; simplicity embodied, and the accesories and images are the distractions. Both are required for a healthy and beautiful life, as without both, life is one-dimensional. I need the negative space, but I adore the images within, my life requires contrast and so do my projects.

Photography by Jarrett Ford Photography

Comment by: on 4/20/2017 6:23:30 PM

Was wondering if the gold mirror is custom framed in metal or can be found somewhere.
Also, who makes the globe vanity light beside the gold mirror?

Comment by: Joanna on 3/11/2017 4:38:12 PM

Beautiful bathrooms. Can you tell me the name of the marble subway tile you used in bathroom on the right? (ie the bathroom with the window in the shower). Thank you!

Comment by: Cristalee on 3/9/2017 10:19:09 AM

Love it. A refreshing reminder 👌🏽